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  • What is Tow-A-Bin?

Tow-a-Bin is an US patented bracket for towing trash bins and recycle bins to the street pick-up point.US Patent # 8 550 318

  • How easy to use Tow-A-Bin?tm

Tow-A-Bin is easy as 1-2-3. Follow the steps below:


  • Are my bin's contents safe when I tow with Tow-A-Bin?
Tow-A-Bin securely holds the trash bin's lid, so lid won't open. Please do not exceed recommended speed limit.

  • Can I tow two or more bins at the same time?
Tow-A-Bin attaches bins together, so you can tow 2, 3 bins at the same time. You will need one Tow-A Bin for each bin.

  • I have a fairly steep driveway and I drive down with loaded bins, should I be concern? ?

If you have steep driveway, uneven pavement, sharp turns etc. you probably need MasterLock 421 to secure the bracket to the hitch ball.

It is available on Amazon.This secures the bracket so it wont come off. Amazon page to order MasterLock421

If the second bin comes off:

Due the presure on the second bin attachement, in extreme steep driveways,Tow-A-Bin may slip from the first bin, in order to keep it attached you need to use T-Bracket to attach the Tow-A-Bin to the trash bin. You can buy it from your local hardware store or from Home Depot link Tow-A-Bin permanently be attached to the trash bin, most trash disposal pick up will not intervene with this.

  • Tow A Bin does not fit right in the middle of my trash bin handle, does it mean I can not use it? ?
Some trash bins has a thick middle column on the handle. Tow-A-Bin does not necessary need to be fit in the middle space of the handle, it can be attached to any space on the handle, it will work as good as being in the middle.

  • I don't have hitch in my vehicle, can I use Tow-A-Bin ?

Yes, you can.Tow-A Bin can attach to any car SUV with a trunk or rear door if the follow the below instructions-supplies are not included in your order.
You will need:
2 tennis or baseball balls,
3 plastic twist ties,
an old sock-preferable knee high and
some self stick felt protection pads for furniture.

Attach the sock and balls like the picture below, secure the ball positions with plastic ties.
if necessary please use self stick felt protection between the car and the bracket.
Attach the bracket to the garbage bin and pull at the rear of the car/SUV and drop the loose ball into your trunk or rear door and close the trunk. Be sure the bracket has self stick felt protection where it touches the car paint.
Use it at your own risk, we can not accept any responsiblity for the above solution/suggestion.

  • Can I take my bin to dumpster with Tow-A-Bin?Or to my brother's house?
Tow-A-Bin is designed to be used on private driveways, do not use on public roads.

  • What are the precautions should I take when I am using Tow-A-Bin ?

Do not exceed 6 MPH. You may slow down on uneven driveways, sharp turns, snowy and icy conditions.

Do not reverse or back-up while Tow-A-Bin attached to your vehicle.

Never carry pets, animals or live stock in a bin.

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