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  • Tow A Bin is a innovative patent pending bracket for towing your wheeled trash bins over long or steep driveways.
  • Taking the trash bin or recycling bin for the street pick up weekly is physically demanding task.
  • When it is raining or snowing, this task gets more difficult. Specially for elderly and handicapped persons.
  • Tow A Bin securely attaches your bins to your vehicle, keeping the lids closed.
  • Most of the household has two wheeled bins; one for trash and one for recycling.
  • Towing multiple bins at the same time is an other feature of Tow A Bin.
  • Multiple bins can be attached and securely towed with Tow A Bin.
  • With Tow A Bin it takes just less than a minute to attach a bin to your vehicle.
  • You do not have to drag your bins a night before for morning pick-up.
  • Your trash bins won't be exposed to wild animal trash destruction while you sleep.
  • No more backaches, injuries for lifting, dragging the bins to the curb.
  • Tow A Bin is inexpensive, simple, easy to use, lifetime tool for your home.
  • It fits to all wheeled, single handled bins.
  • 30 day no questions asked return policy, if you don't love it, simple return it.
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